In the Home

Here are some ways the beauty of handmade cloth can enhance any home. The possibilities are limited only by your imagination!

Have a favorite pop color? "Tango" brightens this corner and adds depth to this inexpensive slipper chair. For a more understated look, a grey side chair would also look great. Grey is classic yet very on trend.  

A bare wall can be transformed into a stunning focal point with a large wall quilt like Grid Lock. Stair landings are particularly ideal because the piecework and stitching can be easily viewed in this location. 

Rust printed cotton provided a unique twist to these cabinets in a home bar. The removable cloth panels are complemented by "Solar Crust" over the dark concrete countertop. 

A contemporary cityscape, City Block 2 makes a statement in a modern living room. The browns, greys, blues, and blacks pull together the light walls and dark seating area.

In the warmer palette of this bedroom, the pillows add subtle color. These were made from a large piece of hand-dyed cotton. They look great on a bed, window seat, chair or wherever some softness, texture and color is needed.

Whether you are building, remodeling or just want some accessories for your home, I'd be happy to work with you. My hand dyed fabric is customizable and is available for clients who wish to make their own accessories. I can be reached though the "Contact" tab above.

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