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Jill Sandor designs and creates
contemporary art using natural fibers,
rescued vintage clothing and her own
hand-dyed, printed and discharged
(process of removing color) fabric.

Discarded building materials, found
objects, and hand-cut print blocks are
some of the tools she uses to create
hand-printed cloth.

"My work is about perspective, color and texture. Viewing recognizable images from a new perspective and “not to scale” provides inspiration for new designs. Nature photography inspires me to capture her color, pattern and beauty using dye vats and stitch."


Using renewable fibers and upcycling the
beautiful cloths of the past is a driving
force in her work. "I often combine my
own fabrics with commercial textiles to
achieve variety and complexity."

"When I'm in the design stage, I pull out
the hand-dyed cottons, the silks, a
treasured piece of vintage linen-- all of it!"

A Midwest native, Jill works in her
basement home studio aka The Cave. Her
award winning work has been exhibited at venues throughout the United States.

One of her quilts was featured in the 2009
American Quilter's Society calendar.

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